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May 6, 2019

Advantages of Paraffin Granulator

The paraffin granulator is mainly a process in which solid pieces are subjected to granulation. Its working principle is very simple, mainly applied to some physical and chemical knowledge, through the control room temperature, hydraulic or melting operation.

The use of paraffin granulators has brought wireless convenience to people, completely liberating human hands and making work no longer tired.


Paraffin granulators have many features and advantages:

First, its use and invention can bring better benefits to the enterprise, which not only saves costs, but also improves efficiency. Because its main parts are superior, it can be completed in the same time at work.

Second, its safety factor and defense system are more complete than before, which can bring a better working environment for production workers.

Third, because of the processing and improvement of the paraffin granulator, the particles produced are more beautiful and beautiful, giving a visual impact from the sensitization.

The paraffin granulator is a steel strip that utilizes the low-melting property of the material to uniformly move the melt under the special distribution device according to the viscosity range of the material in the molten state. The paraffin granulator uses steel strip heat transfer and forced spray cooling to make the hot melt material quickly solidified. The paraffin granulator has less dust during work, improves the operating environment, and the paraffin granulator can be continuously operated, the production efficiency is greatly improved, the labor cost is reduced, and the profit is increased. The machine has strong application value in the solid-liquid separation occasion where the solid phase material has thixotropic properties.

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