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May 20, 2019

10 Major Faults Common to Granulator Equipment

High-efficiency boiling granulator is an improved product based on the traditional FL series boiling granulator. The biggest feature of this product is that the biggest disadvantage of the original boiling point granulation method is that the granulated particles are not uniform over time. More dust, the improved GFL is in the form of a single single-head type small angle cone-shaped atomization, and the multi-fan nozzle is in a sideways manner.

Let me introduce the handling of common faults in granulator equipment:

1. Is the water added as much as possible?

No. How much is added depends on the moisture content of the raw materials, not arbitrary, and must be added by the technical department.

2. How high is the steam pressure?

0.25-0.30MPa, but the steam pressure before the pressure reducing valve is generally not less than 0.6MPa, because the granulator needs to be saturated with steam. The pressure after decompression depends on the formulation, not on the rules.

3. Can the condensate in the steam system not be discharged?

Be sure to row, especially when you turn it on, otherwise it will be very easy to plug.

4. Why do you need to change the amount of steam according to the formula?

Different formulations have their own different characteristics. Adding steam at the same pressure and temperature will cause unnecessary troubles, such as loss of nutrients, particle quality cannot be guaranteed, and severe plugging and low productivity.

5. Is the safety machine open (always far below the rated current)?

Wrong, generally should maintain the rated load of 90-95%, otherwise, the stamper, pressure roller wear, high power consumption, low output, particle quality can not be guaranteed.

6. The lower the water content of the finished pellets, the better?

Not right. It is reasonable to maintain the moisture content of the finished product in the general area of ​​12-13%, which is beneficial to preservation and does not affect the product yield; it also does not affect animal feeding.

7. Grading back to the powder, why?

Mainly due to poor quenching and tempering effects, formula or ring mold reasons, the hardness of the particles is not enough, and the powdering is serious.

8. About the die roll gap

A reasonable die roll gap has a direct impact on production efficiency, particle hardness, ring die and roll wear. Too tight, large output, loose particles, not easy to block the machine, fast wear; too loose, small output, hard particles, easy to block the machine; when the die roll gap is empty (there is no residual material in the pressing chamber), the pressure roller seems to turn non-turning It is advisable (with a slight metal impact).

9. Causes of ring die rupture

a, the reason of the ring mold material, the opening rate is too high, the thickness is not enough to lead to insufficient strength; b, excessive wear; c, the pressing chamber into the foreign body causes the instantaneous impact force is too large.

10. The reason why the cone surface fits the ring mold frequently to break the bolt

a. The wear surface of the wear ring of the installation position is worn to cause insufficient friction, so that the bolt is subjected to shearing force;

b. The new ring mold cone surface does not match the machine wear ring surface, resulting in insufficient friction, so that the bolt is subjected to shearing force;

c. The strength of the newly purchased bolts is not enough.

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